The HumanTech Institute is led by Elena Mugellini, Professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland, HES-SO. The Institute was created in January 2013 and is based on the “success story” of the previous MISG group. The HumanTech Institute aims at perpetuating activities conducted in the framework of the former group and launching the evolution towards a multidisciplinary research center, which will place human beings at the heart of technology. About 30 persons (professors, researchers, PhD students and engineers) currently work for the Institute.

Our Mission
The "Technology for Human Well-being" Institute has for its mission to carry out research and development activities in specific and transversal sectors, at the intersection of technological, economical and human sciences. Research axes related to human sciences are investigated in collaboration with our national and international partners.
Our vision
Improvement of the quality of life and well-being of human beings thanks to the ingenious use of new technologies, in order to strengthen their abilities as individuals, as well as members of an increasingly dynamic, nomadic and globalized society.