Chat conversation analysis

Privacy is a widely publicized topic. Personal data are scattered everywhere, often in possession of big companies like Google and Facebook. Messaging applications are particularly affected as we communicate on a daily basis with our loved ones through these applications.

The main objective is to develop a tool that will allow an user to fetch the important data from his conversations, like the locations mentioned, the list of people with whom the person discusses the most, the emotions, the personality, etc.

In order to achieve this objective, a system must be developed. This system has to:
1. Extract and store the conversational data of a consenting user on the different applications he uses (Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, . . . )
2. Analyze these conversations: extract important data from the conversations
3. Create an interface to display important information to the user

The current solution meets the initial objectives. This project was an exploratory work, some aspects of it can still be improved, some of the tools used were not adapted to conversational data, but it is a good foundation. The ultimate goal is to be able to determine the personality and extract all the important information from a conversation between a person and a chatbot. The purpose of this is to be able to create chatbots that adapt themselves to the person talking to them, for example by showing empathy, helping the person, coaching the person for a specific purpose, etc.

General information
  • Date: 02.09.2019
  • Type: Bachelor project
  • Responsible: Jacky Casas