Tailored User Experience with the SCOTT app

This project is directed by both the SCOTT Sports SA and the HumanTech Institute from the College of Engineering and Arts of Fribourg (Switzerland).
SCOTT Sports SA is the Swiss leader in the development and manufacturing of highend
performance products intended for bikers and is also involved in other sports like motorsports,
running and wintersports. HumanTech is an institute directed toward enhancing
Human Wellbeing using Technology.

Bikes are common products that almost everyone has and practices for travelling, during free-time or in elite sports contexts. As a regular bike has no way of to interact and to give rich content information on itself or anything going on around the biker. So it’s an opportunity to evaluate the possibilities and work on a new way of interacting with the rider to build a better experience for him.

This semester’s project is based on the previous researches made in the study entitled
”Enhancing Bikers’ User Experience with the SCOTT App”. The whole analysis and choices
were already made to provide the cyclists with an application prototype in the first iteration.
Now the work has to be continued and enhanced to provide users with a tailored user experience.
Therefore, a workshop done with the SCOTT Sports’ experts provides innovative
ideas to enrich the content of the application. It allowed to study the various interactions that
the users were ready to make with an application of this kind.
The main work was to implement all the required capabilities, drawing a special attention
to the tailoring aspect. The integration of the different sensors support has also been done
and studied. An add-on to the project was to synchronise the tracked information to a webservice
developed specially for this.
Finally the prototype of this semester’s project totally functional and meets the asked
requirements. It provides the bikers with a new and enhanced user experience that is tailored
to each cyclists’ kind. The application supports many different sensors and can sync itself
with the cloud services. Users’ asks where taken into account, unfortunately a last iteration
of user testing could not be done due to a filled schedule of the SCOTT Sports’ experts in
the final stages of the development. More than the application, the project lights new paths
of exploration toward the creation of additional values, thanks to the users and the design
practices made during this semester.

General information
  • Date: 17.05.2017
  • Type: Semester project


  • Alessandro Silacci
Omar Abou Khaled
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Elena Mugellini
Head of HumanTech
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Maurizio Caon
Senior Researcher
Sandy Ingram
Partners : SCOTT Sports SA